About Hilde Girls

Hilde Girls sing the music of Hildegard of BingenFounded in 1999 by Susan Lincoln, Hilde Girls are a truly unique community of women who sing from the heart, grow and learn together, and share joy in loving service. Hilde Girls sing songs of the spirit from all over the world, but are especially inspired and guided by the teachings and music of 12th century abbess and mystic Hildegard of Bingen.

For Hilde Girls, Saint Hildegard’s chants and the supportive community of women evoke a sense of homecoming. The experience of Hilde Girls brings out the childlike exuberance in each woman. Even the most reserved in the group laugh and cry, awestruck by the sound of awakened voices and the joy of open hearts.

Hilde Girls are daughters, sisters, wives, partners, mothers, and friends. They contribute to the world as homemakers, corporate executives, teachers, lawyers, students, artists & entrepreneurs. Hilde Girls come from many spiritual traditions. They are Buddhists, Muslims and Hindus. They are Jews, Native Americans and Protestants of all denominations. They are women with no particular religious affiliation. Some are Roman Catholics, even nuns like Saint Hildegard.

Each woman brings her views and experiences into a space where all backgrounds and beliefs are honored.

A Hilde Girl does not need to have any prior singing experience. All that is required is a desire to learn and an open heart. For more information and to register for upcoming classes, please visit hildegirls.com.